Photo Gallery

  1. Tam tam recognition activity during a congress
  2. The tam tam reinforces team spirit
  3. Listening and communicating through tam tam when working as a team
  4. Excellent performance during the team building percussion
  5. A woman playing tamtam during a congress
  6. High energy collaboration during the tam tam team building
  7. Co-workers having fun playing djembé
  8. Connection and unification of the team during the team building djembé
  9. Involvement of all participants during the team building
  10. Team building and tam tam playing during a connection activity
  11. Participants during a tam tam performance
  12. Team spirit and fun in a tam tam activity during prize giving
  13. A good example of leadership during a session of team building tam tam
  14. Concentration for a better tam tam performance as a team
  15. The pride that shows the team’s sense of belonging
  16. Team session through djembé under a Native American tent
  17. Rallying cry of the tribes as a team during the tam tam activity
  18. The team building tam tam session accentuates the pleasure in the work place
  19. Team cohesion through djembé during team building
  20. Listening and collaborating during a team building tam tam session
  21. Team strategy during a tam tam team building session
  22. Learning as a team during a tam tam percussion team building activity
  23. Team motivation seminar with djembés at the Chateau Frontenac
  24. Learning the rhythms of the teams with djembé
  25. Creating connections and fun during the team building tam tam activity
  26. Percussionist in action during a tam tam session
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