TamTamJam is a one-of-a-kind activity. Not only does playing music come true, playing as a team grows into an exceptional collective experience.


TamTamJam's Team Building Events

Tired of the same old corporate team building event activities such as
human bingo, stop dance, or tableau making?

Be tired no more. If you are looking for an effective, fun, cost-efficient team building and group activity reinforcement for your corporate events either in Toronto, Ontario or in Quebec, TamTamJam is the dream team you need. TamTamJam is a team whose mission in life is to support you and your company in achieving the goals that you’ve been wishing for. That is, to create a more success driven team.

If you are in Toronto or Ontario and you have school commission events which you do not wish to be the same as the old school commission events, you may request our specialized tools of drum playing, connecting and even uniting of your company to become a powerful team service! Each TamTam activity will surely make your dream school commission event memorable and effective.

Even if you are in any province in Quebec and you wish that your usual corporate congress and government annual team building will be three days of your working year, the three days you would remember, you may contact our TamTamJam team and we will make your annual team building event effective through our creative team-building activities clearly specified to complete your needs. When we say creative, it’ll include drum playing, communicating, games, animations and other energetic activities. The development of possible solutions adapted to your reality will really help your company grow in no time. The preparing, managing and monitoring of your event will be handled by our Tam Tam Jam teams with precision and care.

Whether you are from Toronto, Ontario or Quebec; we will be ready to render to you our services since our team is located in Laval. Our goals for you and your company is to help you to know each other better through effective bonding activities, and to have fun while recognizing your group through team cohesion by play. The commitment of the team will reinforce the team spirit developing a sense of belonging enabling you to get closer to the team’s vision. Our team building process will consist of drum playing, uniting and connecting which may able to help you achieve possible solutions to issues through taking tangible means to think, see and act differently but still as a team.

Our TamTamJam teams have effective results either within an hour or for several days, in French or in English for a number of participants under an affordable price. We guarantee you marvelous results such as instantaneous motivation and mobilization, accentuated team work giving greater implication of all the participants by increasing their sense of belongingness resulting to a stronger collaboration between the participants and the various departments. We see to it that our activities will increase the fun meter of your employees to work thus, making one more step towards a successful organization.

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